Standard Leash
It doesn't get much simpler than this! To spice things up, try adding some velvet trim to your leash or add an accessory loop for easy attachment of bags, cell phones, and keys.

Secure Hold Leash
The hand loop on this leash adjusts so you can tighten it around your wrist. This feature makes it more secure than a standard leash. Adding an accessory loop will enable you to take your bag holders, cell phone, and keys with you easily. Velvet trim sure can make this leash look fancy!

Secure Hold Adjustable Leash
The hand loop and the total length both adjust on this leash. It is a great alternative to the extendable "flexie" leashes because it lacks the potentially dangerous, huge plastic handle. (Have you ever dropped the plastic handle, only to helplessly watch your dog try to run away from the clacking behind her?) Add an accessory loop so you can attach your bags, cell phone, and keys. Add some elegance with velvet trim, if you'd like.

Hands Free Security Leash
There's nothing fancy about the name of this leash, but it sure is functional and easy to use! This leash can be clipped around your waist to free up your hands. It can also be usd as a traditional leash by adjusting the waist loop small enough to fit your hand. The total length easily adjusts, too! Add an accessory loop to conveniently tote your bag holder, cell phone, and keys. If you wish to make this leash absolutely luxurious, just add velvet trim!